Mobile Phone Use | Penalty Points Set To Double

Mobile Phone Use | Penalty Points Set To Double

February 27, 2017

The law regarding mobile phone use is set to change. From 1st March 2017, the penalty for using a mobile phone whilst driving will double. As a PCO driver it’s crucial that you read the following information and understand the new laws that will affect you.

Current: three points and a £100 fine
Going to: SIX points and a £200 fine

In more serious cases, police can also prosecute drivers for careless or dangerous driving. Motorists will also no longer be offered the opportunity to go on a driver awareness course once the new legislation comes into force.

Here are some top questions regarding the new move.

Can you use your phone at traffic lights?

No. Even when you’re stationary it’s still classed as driving and you are still in charge of the vehicle so using your phone in traffic or at lights is still an offence.

Can you press buttons on your phone to answer/hang up a call on hands-free?

No. The phone must be secured in a holder out of the 45-degree angle of the driver’s view. You can’t touch it while driving.

How does the new law affect listening to music whilst driving?

You won’t be able to use headphones whilst driving or use the loud speaker from your mobile phone either.

Can I touch my mobile phone at all whilst driving?

Simply put, No. Please do not touch or move your mobile phone whilst the engine is on.

Is it OK to answer a call while driving if your phone is on loudspeaker on your knee?

No. It’s still classed as using your phone while driving whether it’s in your hand or not.

Can you use your phone as a sat nav?

Yes – as long as you programme it before you start the car and set off and it’s in a holder out of the 45-degree angle of the driver’s view. You cant re-programme or touch it while in motion, the same rules apply for any sat nav.

Can I accept jobs via my company app whilst driving?

Strictly speaking, no. You can’t touch your phone whilst the engine is on so please pull up in a safe place and turn your engine off before using your phone for work.


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