Let's Electrify London Together

Need a charger in your area?
Let the Otto Team help.

Would you switch to an electric PCO car if you could charge up outside your home? 

Otto Car is helping PCO drivers by working with Ubitricity and The Camden Clean Air Initiative to help bring EV charging sockets to a lamppost in your street. 

With over 110,000 PCO drivers in London needing to switch to electric vehicles, we need better charging infrastructure to support the industry. 

Progress has been slow and the majority of PCO drivers don’t have a driveway so public charging is critical. At the same time, London councils don’t have the right data to know where to install them and what is the demand. This is where we can help.

Share your postcode and EV preferences to help electrify London.

Do you have a driveway to charge a electric PCO car?
What type of electric PCO car are you wanting to drive?
What model of PCO car are you wanting to drive?
How many miles a week are you driving?
If you need to charge your electric PCO car on the street near to where you live, please submit your postcode
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