Everyday Heroes

Find out why your private hire driver today is a little bit different.

Everyday Heroes

You may not consider your private hire driver today as an everyday hero, but we'd beg to differ.

We’ve got some interesting facts for you below too! 👇

PHV Licence Badge


The number of private hire drivers in London. You would need two Hyde Parks to fit them all in!

Otto Charging Network


The number of private hire vehicles that are fully electric, and the reason why your driver today is a hero.


How many times our fleet drives around the world each month. (Close to 6 million miles!)

London is at a pivotal point when it comes to toxic air pollution, and we’ve all been called upon to do our part.

Your PCO driver today has made the decision to do away with the gas-guzzling diesel of the past and to work in an environmentally friendly EV.

It might not seem like a huge decision, but even an ocean is built out of tiny droplets.

So why is it important?

Road vehicles are currently one of the biggest contributors of air pollution in London, racking up nearly half of all the harmful gases in the city.

Uber drivers, like the one driving your vehicle right now, make up a huge part of that. That’s why each PCO driver who makes the brave decision that yours has, is helping this country to become greener and cleaner than it was before.


Schools in London that are in areas with toxic air quality.


Deaths in London that are caused by air pollution.

Timothy Uber Driver

Learn about how PCO drivers helped local communities during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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