Otto Charging Network

Get access to over 600 rapid chargers in and around London. You've got the power !


London's Largest Network

Charge up at over 600 rapid chargers in London (and growing). Never get range anxiety on the road again.

Charging Savings Uber

Prices You Can't Beat

Avoid costly monthly membership fees and enjoy discounted rates with the largest charging providers in the UK.

80% Charge in 30 mins

Spend less time off the road and more time on it. Charge up to 80% in around 30 minutes with our range of rapid chargers.

Introducing our new Car + Charge plan on Rent 2 Buy, giving you exclusive access to the Otto Charging Network

  • £39/pw Weekly Charging Credit
  • Up to 245 kWh Per Week
  • Roll Over Feature
  • Added to your Rent 2 Buy account – All in one place

With our new network, you’ll have access to over 600 rapid chargers (50 kWh) and the majority of these are on public roads and petrol stations. There are also over 700 fast chargers (7-22 kWh) to choose from as well, giving you more choice and access than ever before. This makes it London’s largest charging network!

Make significant savings on your running costs by avoiding the monthly membership fees just to access a network (BP Pulse is normally £7.85 pm). You can also save up to 25% on charging costs with Shell Recharge thanks to our discounted rates not available to the public.

Everything is tied under your Rent 2 Buy account so you just continue making one simple payment for your Rent 2 Buy scheme.



Car + Charge Plan

£39 Weekly Charging Credit

You'll get £39 worth of charging credit weekly to use with BP Pulse, Shell Recharge, ESB and the rest.

Up to 245 kWh Per Week

Your weekly credit is up to approximately 900 miles per week. Perfect for Uber Partners.

Roll Over Feature

Any unused kilowatts will be rolled over to the next week + additional kWh charged at same price.

How does it work?

Step One

Explore our Rent 2 Buy scheme to find the perfect electric PCO Car for you.

Step Two

Select the Car + Charge plan when making your reservation.

Step Three

Enjoy access to the Otto Charging Network when you collect your electric PCO Car.

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What is Car + Charge?

Car + Charge is a new plan within the Rent 2 Buy scheme that gives drivers access to our new Otto Charging Network. It will be added to your Rent 2 Buy account so it’s all in one place (and one simple weekly payment!).


How does it work?

You’ll be given weekly charging credit to use as you please. You’ll be able to access both BP Pulse and Shell’s Recharge’s network and choose from over 600 rapid and 700 fast chargers. The cost per kilowatt is different on both networks with BP Pulse at 15p per kWh (rapid) and Shell Recharge at 28p per kWh.

Both networks have outstanding coverage but Shell has a larger number of rapid chargers available at any time.


What’s the full breakdown of charging prices per charger type and network?

Below is a list of how you can spend your weekly charging credit. The prices stay the same even once you go over the limit. You can simply carry on charging and you’ll see the additional cost on your Otto Car Rent 2 Buy account.


BP Pulse

Slow – 3 kW = 16p
Fast – 7-22 kW = 16p
Rapid- 50 kW =23p
Ultra Rapid – 150 kW = 27p


Shell Recharge (Includes ESB, Osprey & others – Full list below)

Slow – 3 kWh= 28P
fast – 7-22 kWh = 28p
Rapid – 50 kWh = 28p
Ultra Rapid – 150 kWh = 28p


Can you explain the savings?

The Shell Recharge rate is significantly cheaper than what’s available to the public. Pay as you go rates for the Shell Recharge forecourts are 39p per kilowatt whilst with the Otto Charging Network, you pay 28p. Using the ESB network directly is 28p but there is a £4.99 monthly charge which you wouldn’t pay on our Otto Charging Network. Alternatively, using an ESB charger within the Shell App is normally 30p per kilowatt but if using our Otto Charging Network, it’s 28p.

Regarding BP Pulse, our pricing is the same as a BP Pulse monthly subscription but without having to pay the monthly fee, saving you £7.85 per month.


How can I access the Otto Charging Network?

The Otto Charging Network is available strictly to new London-based drivers on the Rent 2 Buy scheme who choose the Car + Charge plan. When you collect your PCO car, you’ll be given access to both the BP Pulse and Shell Recharge app and physical account cards in an EV wallet.

Please note the Car + Charge plan is currently only available to new drivers in London. Over time this will be offered to current Rent 2 Buy drivers.


What’s included in the Otto Charging Network?

You’ll have instant access to over 600 rapid (50kWh) and 700 fast chargers (7-22kWh) in the capital, making it London’s largest and fastest charging network (within the M25). All the charge points within the app will be available for you to use, including the slow chargers if needed.

Please note that whilst the Shell charging prices are the same regardless of charger type or operator within Shell Recharge app (28p), BP Pulse prices differ.

BP Pulse is 15p for the rapids (the majority of chargers that you’ll use), fast/slow chargers are 12p and ultra-rapid chargers (150kW) are 27p.


Can you tell us all the charging companies included in the Otto Charging Network?

Absolutely. You get access to both BP Pulse and Shell Recharge, which includes a wide range of charging companies within each app as well as their own branded charge points. The majority of charge points available to you overall will be BP Pulse, Shell Recharge, and ESB charge points.

Below is a full list of the charging companies available to you (full UK list).

  • Alfa Power Charging
  • BP Pulse
  • Chargepoint Inc, E-Flux
  • ESB,
  • EV-Box
  • EVDriver
  • Fastned
  • Franklin Energy
  • Ionity
  • LastMileSolutions
  • New Motion
  • Osprey
  • Shell Recharge
  • Ubitricity
  • Vattenfall UK
  • Virta


How does this affect my Rent 2 Buy account?

Your Car + Charge plan is added to your weekly rental so you only ever have one payment coming out of your Rent 2 Buy account. Simple!


What if I go over my limit or don’t use up my weekly allocation?

Any unused kilowatts will be rolled over into the following week. If you go over your weekly limit of kilowatts there is an additional charge per kilowatt that’s the same price as the fixed price (BP Pulse – 23p per kWh – rapid / Shell Recharge 28p per kWh). 


What if I want to cancel my Car + Charge plan?

No problem at all, you can cancel with just 28 days’ notice at any time after the first 3 months and revert to just the basic Rent 2 Buy package.


Are there any additional charges I may have to pay?

With BP Pulse’s charge points, a £10 per hour overstay fee applies to anyone charging for over 90 minutes on their  50kW or 150kW chargers to ensure there’s no overstay. Non-BP-owned charge points on the BP Pulse network charges may differ and we’d recommend checking the signage at the site.


How long will it take to charge my PCO car with a rapid charger?

Generally speaking, you’ll be able to charge from 0%-80% in around 30 minutes. 


Who do I contact if I need support?

There is an easy-to-find support section within both the BP Pulse and Shell Recharge apps. You can also contact the Otto Accounts Department for payment issues or to cancel the Car + Charge plan.




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