Dear Otto Family,

Over the weekend the government announced a national lockdown starting from midnight Wednesday 4th November.

In light of this news, we’re working hard on finding the best possible solution for our family of drivers and the company. During the first lockdown in March, we were able to get support from the banks which allowed us to offer drivers a temporary discount on their rental payments. These discussions have already begun and we’ll be able to update you with a plan of action no later than Friday.

Whilst news of lockdown will be disappointing for many of us, we do believe that there are some key positives to take away from this. Unlike in the first lockdown, where most businesses were shut down, certain sectors will still be allowed to operate. This includes schools, colleges and universities, which will all remain open, and the government has also permitted people to travel to work if it can’t be done from home. This means that whilst the lockdown will most likely cause decreases in work, there will also be opportunities, and the country will be better adapted to come out of this quicker than before. 

Furthermore, the government has just increased the amount of financial support available to the self-employed. As the government releases more information, we’ll provide you with an update.

Please rest assured that we’re going to help you get through this, and we’re working hard behind the scenes to do everything possible to support our family of PCO drivers during this period.  

Let’s work together, be positive and stay safe.

The Otto Team