Otto Services

Earn up to £1060 per week when you work for Otto Services

Earn a guaranteed pay of £23.50 per hour

With Otto Services, you can choose shifts with higher rates of guaranteed pay

No Congestion Charge to pay

Save money in your pocket as you won't have to pay the £12.50 Congestion Charge in Central London.

Choose from multiple shifts

Choose your own shifts and get a bonus if you work on weekend shifts.

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Uber Partners can earn a guaranteed pay of up to £23.50 per hour, depending on which shifts you choose with Otto Services. You can also earn performance bonuses at the end of each week!

Otto Services offers a choice of multiple shifts and a performance bonus for working in particular areas and times around London. This can help you earn a guaranteed weekly total, of up to £1060, regardless of how many jobs you take. 

To be eligible you will need to be a licensed private hire driver with a registered Uber account. You can drive your own private hire licensed vehicle or you can rent a car through Otto Car. You’ll be driving under our fleet but still using the Uber app.

There are limited spots are available, so don’t miss out. Sign up below to apply, and you’ll receive a call back from the Otto Services team explaining everything in detail.

Please note, if you need a PCO car to work with Otto Services, then Otto Car can also help with your Rent 2 Buy and PCO Car Hire schemes. Click here to learn more

How to apply :

  1. ✍️ Fill in the form below
  2. 📞 Quick Call: 30 mins, to tell you more about the scheme in detail. 
  3. 📝 Information Pack: We will send across a pack for you to see how exactly the scheme works before signing up. 
  4. 📞 Second Call: We’ll ring you back to iron out any details and answer any questions. 
  5. ✒️ Sign Up: It’s time to sign up and get going. 🎉

It’s as simple as that! 


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