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Here at Otto Car we’re keen to make PCNs a thing of the past. That’s why we’re always looking to put our data together to try and help PCO drivers with insights and top tips.

On that note, we’re excited to finally show you our latest interactive map of top PCNs in London. We will be updating this on a regular basis, so be sure to save the page and come back when needed!

(Please note that not all of the pins are in the exact spot. You will still have to rely on your own awareness to make sure you avoid picking up any unnecessary fines.)

The Complete Interactive Map

Please read the guidelines below to get the most out of this map! 

Step-by-Step Guide for PCO Drivers

1.) This map contains different PCNs across London.

2.) Click the button on the top left-hand side of the map to see the different PCN types. You can turn each one off and on, so that the map contains just the ones you want to see.

3.) If you click on any of the individual pins on the map you will be able to see the exact nature of the PCN that was received.

3.) For the full experience feel free to also click the fullscreen button in the top right-hand corner to open up the map in Google Maps.

4.) Please note that currently this map shows the most common PCNs of all types. If you would like to check out a PCN map with a full list of parking violations then keep scrolling.

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Parking Violations

Additional Notes:

1.) Click on any of the individual pins to see what the nature of the parking violation was. 

2.) Feel free to save any of these pins, or to bookmark the page and come back to it when needed.

3.) Feel free to also click the fullscreen button in the top right-hand corner to open up the map on a new page. This could make for a more interactive experience. 

4.) You can also share this map on your Facebook page by clicking the share button in the top right-hand corner.