What do PCO Drivers Prefer: Day or Night?

What do PCO Drivers Prefer: Day or Night?

April 17, 2019


We want to help all our private hire drivers, and those amongst us looking to get on PCO Car Hire or PCO Rent-To-Buy schemes, to get the most out of their new careers.


We reckon that the best way to do this is to let the community speak for itself. That’s why we recently asked the Otto community whether they generally preferred driving during the days or nights, and the responses were very interesting!

The Community Has Spoken!




Drunk Passengers and Family Time are attracting PCO Drivers to the Daytime Shifts.

Better Passengers

Let’s not beat around the bush, dealing with drunk passengers can be a horrible experience. This is a big reason why a lot of PCO drivers prefer the daytime. Getting an Uber in London is extremely attractive for party goers and people on a night out, which can also mean higher earnings for drivers. However, this can also be a stressful experience, and many of you believe that daytime shifts make for more pleasant clients.  

Beautiful Drives

It’s not only the passengers that are making the driving experience more pleasant. A big reason that daytime is proving popular is because it allows for more beautiful journeys.

Driving in the dark can limit the scenery, and many of us prefer to see the city by sunlight rather than streetlamp. This is also good for drivers that are looking to get more comfortable with the roads!


More Time with the Fam

Many of us have families which we would like to spend more time with. Some PCO drivers prefer the daytime because it gives them the power to see partners and children in the evening. Working during the day means that your whole family won’t already be fast asleep when you get home, and you can dedicate more time to the loved ones.

Less Traffic and Higher Earnings are attracting Nighttime drivers.


Clearer Roads

This was mentioned by most drivers that preferred the night. The city definitely looks beautiful during the day, but it can also get frustrating being stuck in traffic for hours on end. Night time can make for smoother journeys and more consistent progress. This can also help with increasing those completed journeys.

Higher Earning Potential

There are a number of reasons why PCO drivers are finding this. More completed journeys, surge pricing, and higher demand can all contribute to fuller pockets at the end of your shift.

However, this obviously comes with some of the trade offs mentioned earlier, such as rowdier passengers and darker drives. That’s why it’s important to make sure that this is the right lifestyle for you in the long term.

So are you a Daycrawler or a Dark Knight?

How can you pick the best shift for you?

It seems like daytime driving is strongly linked to a better quality of life for the general Private Hire community, whilst nighttime driving offers a higher potential for earning. This is helpful to know when deciding what schedule works best for you. 

If you’ve only recently entered a PCO car rental scheme, and are looking to start your journey, then it could be a good idea to begin with the daytime shifts. This can help you learn the roads a bit better, understand your own body clock, and begin finding what hours work best for you.

Whilst it can be attractive to chase the money from day one, this lifestyle can also quickly become mentally tiring for a lot of us. You might fancy doing this after you’ve already become more comfortable with the road and the career.


Want to get involved?

Here at Otto Car we truly appreciate having your opinions and feedback. We’re excited to find out more about your views so that we can help more people in the PCO community!

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Happy Driving!

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