Episode 5: Kapten | On the Road Podcast for PHV Drivers

Episode 5: Kapten | On the Road Podcast for PHV Drivers

July 10, 2019

On The Road Podcast is back again this week with an exciting new episode. Due to popular demand, we had in Mariusz Zabrocki, the London General Manager of Kapten, to discuss their journey so far, his thoughts on Private Hire, and what the future holds in store for the company and the industry.

Check out a summary of the episode below. We’ve also included underneath some of the themes and guests we’ll be talking to in later episodes!


Episode 5 – Kapten

A Brief Summary

London has recently seen many new Private Hire operators enter the market, hoping to rival Uber and shake up the industry. One of the hottest new players on the scene is Kapten, who have had some good initial traction from drivers and riders. We were extremely curious to find out more about the company, including how their current journey has been, what perks PCO drivers will receive by joining the app, and what changes we can expect to see in the future.

Our Guests

Our guest this week was Mariusz Zabrocki. He is the London General Manager of Kapten, and he oversees the day to day operations of the company, including dealing with drivers, and their concerns, on a regular basis. He has previous experience in the finance world, and has lived in multiple countries throughout his career. When Kapten entered London he thought the opportunity was too good to pass up, which is why he decided to head up their operations here in London.


What’s Covered?

The podcast kicks off with a little bit about how Kapten was founded in Paris. Mariusz takes us through the history of the company, including the days when they were called Chaffeur Privé, and all drivers were required to wear suits and red ties. The conversation moves into what it was like setting up in London, and recruiting drivers that wanted to be a part of their mission.

Mariusz talks openly about the app that they currently have, and what their general vision is for it moving forward. They have opted for a simple approach to begin with, as they want the market to get used to their offering, and enjoy dealing with the app. We move in to a little bit about where the industry is going in general, and Mariusz outlines his vision for the future, and where Kapten fits into this.

That’s not all, we also discuss what Kapten is like for drivers, how they can sign up and make the most of their platform, what cars they accept, and some of the bonuses that they can expect to receive. The conversation is an extremely open and interesting one, and we gained a much stronger understanding of what the ride-share company is looking to do in the capital. It’s definitely a must watch for any drivers that are interested in using their services.

If you’re interested in finding out about any of these topics (and a bunch more), then what are you waiting for, check out our Podcast Page and get listening to the episode!


Upcoming Episodes

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Want to drive for Kapten?

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