PCO Rules Of The Road | Stay Smart With Our Help Guide

PCO Rules Of The Road | Stay Smart With Our Help Guide

April 4, 2018

Driving in London can be confusing, scary and definitely stressful for any PCO driver. The last thing you need when you’ve been working hard on the road is a fine or PCN because you took your eye off the ball for one second.

Depending on the fine, they can start from £135 and be reduced to £60 if paid within 14 days. Here at Otto Car we’d rather you didn’t get any fines at all.

The Otto team have done some digging around with all our latest fines and PCN’s and found our top 10  which we believe are all avoidable. Please scroll down slowly and fully take in all the classic fines and PCN’s our PCO drivers receive.


Box Junctions

We start with the infamous yellow box junctions. Please don’t enter until there is enough space ahead to clear your whole PCO car over. You can only stop in the box if you’re turning right and prevented by oncoming traffic or by other cars waiting to turn right


Bus Lane Rules

There is plenty of confusion our there regarding how to approach lanes. PCO drivers are strictly not allowed to drive in a bus lane during operation hours but they are allowed to pick or and drop off passengers.

Please don’t use this as an opportunity for a break however as this must be a done in good time and you can’t hang around or you risk a fine. Drivers should enter and leave the bus lane in the most direct and safe way accordingly to TfL.

The only exceptions to the rules stated above are the stretches of red route where stopping is not permitted because of the disruption this would cause to already busy roads

Bus Lane Rules for PCO Drivers


Bus Stop Rules

As a simple rule, please don’t use bus stops to pick up or drop off at anytime or you risk a unnecessary fine.  Even if  a customer wants to be dropped off or you’re attempting to pick up a passenger, please find an alternative safe location nearby and explain this to the passenger so they’re aware of the rules.

Bus Stop Rules For PCO Cara


Blue Sign Direction

This mistake appeared quite a number of times on our list of fines. Sometimes the blue signs can be easy to miss as they’re relatively small. Please pay attention to the signs and the direction you’re being told to go.

Blue Sign Direction For PCO Drivers


Pedestrian Zone

Sounds simple enough but this is another classic mistake from PCO drivers. Don’t enter a pedestrian zone at any time, even if you’re trying to pick up or drop a passenger. Our research showed this fine occurred a lot in Central London where restrictions where more common.

Pedestrian Zone PCO Cars


Double Yellow Line

This is another one which causes a lot of confusion amongst PCO drivers. Picking up or dropping off customers is allowed on single and double yellow and red lines, in places where loading is not allowed (shown by markings on the kerb), in parking bays and in bus lanes. Please make sure your hazard lights are on and safely pull in and out.

Double Yellow Line For PCO Cars


Single Yellow Lines

Same rules apply as the double yellow lines above.

Single Yellow Lines


Limited Waiting Times In Car Parks

You deserve a good rest in-between jobs but please don’t get caught out by overstaying in a car park. When you do leave please also check the ‘no return’ times to avoid an avoidable PCN. Please also be aware of commercial car parks which might require you to buy something in store to be allowed to park.

Parking Stay For PCO Drivers


Illegal Turns

It’s the most obvious one yet but important nevertheless. Take the time to check signage around you or you could end up with an unnecessary fine.

illegal Turn


Zig Zag Lines

PCO Drivers shouldn’t stop where they would cause an obstruction or safety hazard and this includes zig zag lines. Please don’t stop on these lines at any time. You also risk 3 points on your licence.

Zig Zag Lines


Watch our latest video highlighting the top PCO rules of the road.


So there we go, our the top 10 PCO rules of the road which should help you avoid those nasty fines.

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