How To Upload Your Documentation To Uber

How To Upload Your Documentation To Uber

January 12, 2017

So you’re about to start work in your new PCO car, great stuff. There is however, one last hurdle to complete…. uploading your documentation to Uber!

Here at Otto Car, we’ll always help and do it with you on-site during the sign-up process, but if it’s 4am and an issue arises, our dedicated team will be fast asleep and you’ll need to know what to do! So in a couple  of simple steps, here’s how it works, from beginning to end:

  • To add a new vehicle onto your Uber platform, you will need to select the ‘add vehicle’ tab from your profile.


  • Once selected, enter the vehicle details.

pco car hire rent

  • Be Patient as once you have done this it may take a few minutes for the vehicle to be added onto your profile. Once the vehicle appears on your profile click the ‘manage documents’
  • The following page will appear.

pco car hire london

  • This is the part where all the documents Otto Car have provided you with will need to be uploaded in this section.

   Insurance Certificate

pco car hire london


private hire driver london

PHV Licence

private rental hire

V5 / Registration Document


PHV Back Page

This document is not required to be uploaded unless the address on the V5 is different to that on the PHV Licence.


Insurance Vehicle Schedule

uber pco car hire


Insurance Driver Schedule

This document is not required to be uploaded.

Hire Agreement

This document is not required to be uploaded.


Permission Letter

Depending on which scheme you join, there are two types of permission letters. One for Rent 2 Buy and one for our PCO Car Hire scheme.

Rent 2 Buy

pco car rent london

 PCO Car Hire



Once all these documents have been uploaded you will have to wait for Uber to check them and approve them.

rent 2 buy pco

Once approved the status of the document will turn green and turn to ‘Active

pco toyota prius


And that’s how it’s done! Now you can get back out on the road and start earning.

Additional Uber Driver Support

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