January 6, 2022

Many Uber drivers have switched to electric vehicles because of lower costs, more incentives, and a bunch of other reasons. While EVs can be great options for PCO drivers, you should also know how their range can be affected by cold weather. The Otto Team has put together a private hire driver’s guide to improving your EV’s winter mileage to maximise your income.

💡 How does cold weather impact an EV?

When the weather gets cold, batteries don’t work as well. During winter, a battery is more likely to produce less power and discharge more quickly, impacting the range of your electric car. A previous research by AAA has found that an electric car could lose up to 41% of the total battery capacity in temperatures around -6°C.

Meanwhile, the Norwegian Automobile Federation tested 20 different electric cars and discovered the average drop can be close to 20%.

Here are our top tips to maintain EV mileage during the colder months:

1. Preheat the battery

Preheating is also known as preconditioning. An EV battery has an optimum temperature to work efficiently. Most electric vehicles have the function of warming up the battery and the cabin before starting your journey. By doing it while the car’s still plugged in, you can make sure the battery is at the right temperature and no battery power is lost to heating up the cabin.

Being able to jump into a warm car without the need to scrape the windscreen is definitely a plus for EV PCO drivers!

2. Never let the battery get too low

Make sure your battery level is at least 20% before taking off. Just remember electric cars have their thermal management systems to keep the battery warm so that everything is running optimally, and that requires power. So don’t let the battery get too slow.

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3. Use the ECO mode

Get to know your PCO car. If it has an ECO mode, use it smart to boost mileage and optimise power consumption. With regulated acceleration, braking and heating features, it is an effective way to maximise your winter range. In addition, the reduced torque will make your driving safer in snowy and icy conditions.

4. Drive steadily

Just like driving a car with an engine, avoiding aggressive acceleration and braking can improve your fuel efficiency. When driving an EV, adopt an eco-driving style to use your pedals smoothly to save more energy. Using regenerative braking strategically can save you energy too. Best for driving downhill and in stop-and-go city traffic, it allows the system to recover energy from braking. At the end of the day, a smooth ride also means a pleasant and comfortable private hire experience – so that’s a win-win!

5. Inflate the tyres

It happens to all cars that the air in your tyres contracts and tyre pressure falls during the winter months. It would be a great idea to check the tyre pressure regularly and inflate your tyres if necessary to minimise resistance and drag. Don’t forget to check whether you need winter tyres, and check out our winter driving tips for PCO drivers.

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