Rent 2 Buy

90% of PCO drivers choose our Rent 2 Buy scheme over our competitors. Let's get you on the road.

Otto Car Serviing

All Inclusive Ownership Scheme

Insurance, servicing, MOT, Road Tax & PHV License are all included in our complete PCO Driver package.

4 Weeks Holiday Allowance Each Year

No other PCO car rental company gives you a holiday break like us (T&C's apply).

Uber Clean Air Eligible & Charging Coverage

Switch to electric for less via the Uber Clean Air Plan and get access to our Otto Charging Network.

Used Hybrid Rent 2 Buy Special Offer

50% Off Weekly Rent – First 6 Weeks*

*Valid for all PCO cars on the Used Rent 2 Buy tab excluding the Mercedes Vito Tourer Select. After the first 6 weeks, weekly rent will return to the standard price. This offer ends on Friday 18th June 2021. We reserve the right to refuse service or change this offer at any given time. Our Hammersmith and Ilford Hubs are now open.

Stop Renting, Start Owning

Be your own boss with car ownership

Join London's most popular PCO car ownership scheme.

We've helped over 7,000 PCO drivers become car owners.