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Stay protected and discover a world of benefits with AfterCare.  

About Title

Your Car, your choice

The Otto Team is here to protect you with our two packages

Incredible benefits

From PCO insurance to PHV licencing, you get so much more with AfterCare

No deposit & interest charges

Save yourself a small fortune in upfront fees and interest payments

How we can help

Here at Otto Car, we’re all about family. Once you finish your Rent 2 Buy scheme, we can still help you keep moving with our popular AfterCare scheme.

We’ve got two options for you, depending on the level of support you want:

Basic Package

From £49/pw*
Fleet insurance

Full Package (Hybrid & Electric PCO cars only)

From £69/pw*
Fleet insurance

MOT (2 x per year)
PHV licence (1 x per year)
Road tax (1 x year)
Breakdown cover

*Please note if you had an accident whilst renting from Otto Car, the weekly price will change accordingly.

1 Accident = £10 extra per week

2 Accidents = £20 extra per week


Interested? Email keving@ottocar.co.uk today to get covered.

Eligibility to our AfterCare scheme is not guaranteed and is subject to an accident and payment history review. We reserve the right to refuse this service.

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