Part - Exchange Scheme

Drive home in a brand new electric PCO car by unlocking the value of your old one.

Sell your car for free

PCO drivers can part-exchange their current car in return for a cash payment when they join either of Otto Car’s popular Rent 2 Buy or Rent 2 Buy+ schemes.

Quick and easy

Save time and get instant payment without any of the stresses and hassles of doing it elsewhere

Extra £250 voucher on your next down payment

Benefit from an additional £250 voucher on the downpayment of your new PCO car (Rent 2 Buy or Rent 2 Buy+)

How does it work?

Step 1

Fill out the form below and we’ll call back to confirm a valuation of your car

Step 2

Bring your vehicle to the Hammersmith or Colindale hub for final checks

Step 3

Receive a lump-sum payment, £250 down payment voucher and drive home a brand new Rent 2 Buy or Rent 2 Buy + PCO car

Sound good? Fill in the form below to receive a call back about your car valuation.


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