Working around Heathrow Airport? Use the AVA car park

On the 15th June 2016, Heathrow Airport decided to improve the lives of thousands of PCO drivers who pick up passengers by opening a private car park for their use only.

Officially titled the Authorised Vehicle Area, the private car park is perfect for PCO drivers who are waiting for passengers to arrive or want a rest before starting a new shift.

Otto Car recently visited the new addition to Heathrow and was pleasantly surprised by how busy it was. It’s also a great place to chat to other PCO drivers and share tips and information. The facility also has catering and toilet facilities on-site.

Location: Northern Perimeter Road

Opening Times: 05:00 to 23:00 every day


0-1 hrs  £1

1-2 hrs £2

2-3 hrs £3

3-4 hrs £4

4-5 hrs £5

Geo-fencing: You’ll need to be in this area to be able to find passengers as Uber will geo-fence you in the car-park.

Here are the Uber designated spots for pickups at each terminal:

Terminal 2 Designated pickup spot: Level 1 short term parking, Row Q. The Uber app will direct the riders towards the appropriate location. They should wait wishing the covered area.

Terminal 3 Designated pickup spot: Short term car park Level 3, Row A. The app will direct riders towards the appropriate location and they should wait within the lift lobby .

Terminal 4 Designated pickup spot: Short term car park Level 2 – Central Isle. The Uber app will inform the passengers to wait within the central lift area.

Terminal 5 Designated pickup spot: Level 1 – Rows A or F of the short term car park. Riders will be informed to wait at the lift lobby area.