Career Boost

Fast-track your PCO career with our new Career Boost ownership scheme.

Quick & easy switch

Move up to £7,000 PCO Car Hire payments to Rent 2 Buy + hassle-free

Save £499 on deposit

You won’t need to pay any downpayment to make the switch

Own a brand new Kia e-Niro

Keep hold of this fantastic PCO car that you already know and trust

How does it work?

Step 1

Rent a new Kia e-Niro on PCO Car Hire

Step 2

Enjoy the flexible plan for 12 weeks or longer, and you’ll be eligible for the upgrade

Step 3

Fill out the sign-up form below to receive a call back about your appointment

Step 4

Visit our hub, sign a new contract and instantly switch onto Rent 2 Buy +

Currently on our PCO Car Hire scheme in a Kia e-Niro 2 and eligible for Career Boost? Fill in the form below to take the next step.

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Check out our popular Rent 2 Buy + scheme today

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Terms and conditions:

  • You must pay the standard £249 deposit for PCO Car Hire
  • After 12 weeks, you will be able to switch to Rent 2 Buy +
  • All PCO Car Hire payments will be moved onto your Rent 2 Buy + contract
  • The final chance to switch plans in this way ends after 26 weeks (i.e. six months)
  • The maximum pot is 26 weekly rental payments of £259 (i.e. £6,734 + the initial deposit)