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Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Drive in style with this luxury electric PCO car. Available for pre-order now.

Certifications Certifications Certifications

Free PCO Insurance

Free Services

Free Road Tax, MOT, PHV Licence

Free Breakdown Cover

Free Camera Taxi Witness CCTV Installed

4 Week Holiday Break Per Year****

Congestion Charge Exempt until 2025

Uber Clean Air Plan eligible

278 Miles Range

15" LCD Touchscreen

Power adjustable front seats

Center console with storage, 4 USB ports and wireless charging

Heated front seats

Upgraded audio – immersive sound

Tinted glass roof with ultraviolet and infrared protection

Premium seat material and trim

18" Wheels

Sat Nav

Traction control

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Choose Your Car Colour

Midnight Silver Metallic

All colours are subject to availability and will be confirmed at the point of order.

Please enter your Uber Clean Air fund earnings


Your new reduced price is

£289 per week

Instead of

£289 per week


Add the Car + Charge Plan

Get instant access to over 600 rapid chargers in London with our car + charge plan. Learn more

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£39 weekly charging credit
Up to 245 kwh weekly
(approx 900 miles range)

  • Access to London’s largest charging network which includes BP Pulse, Shell & ESB
  • BP Pulse - 23p per kWh (rapid) / Shell Recharge & ESB 28p per kWh
  • Unused kWh can be rolled over to the next month (no monthly fees)
  • Additional kWh can be bought for the same set price
  • Option to cancel with 28 days notice after the first 3 months
  • Special Offer:
    50% off the weekly price for the first 4 weeks

Add Plan

No Plan
  • Sign up on your own to a suitable charging company
  • Less network coverage and availability
  • Pay multiple monthly membership fees
  • Pay up to 33% more for charging

Remove Plan

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Your Car Colour

Midnight Silver Metallic

Your Weekly Car Price

£ 329 per week

Your Selected Package

£39 Weekly Charging Credit

Contract Length

4.5 Years

Your Total Weekly Price

£328.00 per week

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Tesla Eligibility requirements: Must be 30 years or older, 3 points maximum, minimum 1 year PCO experience, minimum 1 year no-fault claims history. Please bring evidence of the above conditions with you when you visit us. Existing customers will have to take a re-assessment & we will also need to check with the claims department for any accident history.

(Monday to Fridays only)

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