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Please take a moment to go through our contract FAQ below, which highlights some of the key areas you’ll need to know. Some points are similar, whilst others have changed..


Similar to your previous contract, you can cancel at any point after 2 months with 4 weeks' notice. There's a £200 cancellation fee if you want to leave otherwise there is a £200 fee to transfer the log book into your name at the end of the contract.

Unfortunately, tyres and brakes are not included as part of the contract. You are liable for any replacements going forward.

Our PCO insurance works a little bit differently. You are covered by our fleet insurance for third-party claims and the cost of the car. Your liability is lower than what you had previously, limited to £1000 in the first year of your contract, and £750 thereafter for any fault accident and we cover the rest. There is no cover for family and it's just for the vehicle, i.e loss of earnings, injury. We will always endeavour to provide a replacement vehicle but this can never be guaranteed. With regards to our glass excess, it's the same as your previous contract (£500).

You get more mileage with us, however excess mileage costs are higher. Our mileage Cap is 48,000 miles/year = 1000 miles/week + 8 weeks Holiday. Excess mileage costs £0.20p per mile that you’ve gone above the cap each week.

Through our Rent 2 Buy + plan, you are now eligible for up to 8 weeks’ holiday payment break through the year (T&C's apply). Unlike on your previous contract, every week taken as holiday is added on to the end of your contract. There is a £25 admin fee for every week taken to cover the cost of keeping your vehicle insured on the road..

We are not on any airport autopay system so you'll have to register their vehicle for autopay for any airports. If you receive a PCN from the airports, we will transfer liability to you with an admin cost of £10.00

Your PCO car will be registered with Congestion autopay. As you pass through the Congestion Zone, the Congestion team will then add the cost to your account with us. The charge is £15.45.

All our PCO cars are registered with the Dartford Crossing autopay. When you use the Dartford Crossing, the team will then add the cost of crossing to your account. The fee is £2.50 a crossing.

Once we have received a PCN for your PCO car: You will receive an email and SMS text from Otto Car informing you of a PCN. If you want to PAY the fine, pay within 48 hours of the email and text and send us the proof of payment to fines@ottocar.co.uk and you will not incur the £10.00 administration fee. If you want to appeal the fine, no action is needed at this stage (any attempt to appeal the fine when you receive an email and SMS will be rejected) Please wait for us to transfer liability into your name. This incurs the £10.00 administration fee. The issuing authority will then send you the PCN in your name to your home address and the PCN will be reverted back to the original fine. This is when you can appeal

You'll continue to get a cheaper weekly price on your contract but as your Uber Clean Air Fees was used under a Breathe contract, you're not eligible for a refund of the fee should you decide to return the vehicle to us.

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