Driver Tips: Avoiding Fines Part 2

Driver Tips: Avoiding Fines Part 2

February 1, 2017


Following on from our previous article on Penalty Charge Notices (PCN’s), we’ve been doing some digging around and found a variety of other fines that you could be avoiding. Stop wasting your hard earned money on fines by following some of the simple rules stated below:

A classic PCN. Please check signage on route for any change in speed limit.

Built up areas: 30mph

Single Carriageways: 60mph

Duel Carriageway: 70mpg

Motorways:  70mph


Entering a Pedestrian Zone Zone

We receive a wealth of tickets regarding this mistake. PCO drivers are failing to comply with signs indicating restrictions on vehicles entering a pedestrian zone. We strongly urge all PCO drivers to check for the following sign to avoid this costly mistake. Do not enter given route if you see this sign!


No Entry Signs

Failing to comply to a no entry sign is avoidable mistake that many PCO drivers continue to do. Always check signage before entering a new road.


Entering The Wrong Width Restriction Lane

Again, this falls under the ‘No Entry Signs’ but specifically we are seeing PCO drivers use the middle entry section reserved only for certain vehicles (mainly buses). Please keep to the left hand side and go through the width restriction lane. You will be fined if you use the middle section.


Performing a Prohibited Turn

Failing to comply with a sign indicating a prohibited turn will result in a PCN. This also applies for right turns and U-turns where stated.



We hope this article has helped you better understand the rules of the road. If you feel like we have missed anything out, then write us a comment below! Otherwise you can check out some of the PCO cars we have available on our PCO Rent-2-Buy or PCO Car Hire schemes.



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