City of London PCN Guide | Avoid a Fine

Over the last few months, the Otto Team have been hard at work locating and sharing all the Top Penalty Charge Notice  Hotspots in London as well as our PCN Trends Guide. One area of the capital that is increasingly showing up on our database is the City of London, especially in the last few weeks. Even in these strange times, this part of London is still relatively busy with workers and locals using the private hire industry to help them get from a to b.

We wanted to share these locations to help you avoid receiving an unfair penalty charge notice. The majority of hotspots revolve around Bank Junction in the City of London, an area that has caused a lot of grief to the private hire community for a number of years.


Mansion House Street

Only buses and pedal cyclists are allowed to cross Bank Junction or travel westbound on Cornhill between 7am-7pm, Monday to Friday.

Mansion House Street | Uber


Cornhill Street

Failing to comply with a prohibition on certain types of vehicles (motor vehicles).

Cornhill Street | Uber


Princes Street

Failing to comply with a prohibition on certain types of vehicles (motor vehicles).

Princes Street | Uber


Throgmorton Street

Failing to comply with a restriction on vehicles entering a pedestrian zone.

Throgmorton Street | Uber


Lime Street 

Failing to comply with a prohibition on certain types of vehicles. Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm

Lime Street | Uber


Beech Street

This road is restricted to zero emission vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.

Beech Street | Uber



Extra Support

So that’s our top PCN hotspots in the City of London. Visit our Facebook page for more PCN hotspots as they come in week on week from the Otto Team.

Our PCN support doesn’t stop here either, check out our PCO Support page on our website, from managing your PCO income to our London private hire operator guide, we cover it all.

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