Protecting Our PCO Drivers | The Benefits of Telematics and Cameras

Protecting Our PCO Drivers | The Benefits of Telematics and Cameras

February 5, 2021

Here at Otto Car, we take safety very seriously. Whether this be through our driving assessments or our new Driver Development Programme. Over the last few years we’ve heavily invested in vehicle telematics and CCTV to make sure our family of PCO drivers are protected whilst doing the thing they love most, driving!

Below is a list of areas where great telematics and CCTV are keeping our PCO drivers safe, secure and protected if anything doesn’t go to plan.


The best place to start is with the most obvious benefit, providing clarity should an accident or bump occur. Using our telematic data and CCTV, we’ll be able to assess what really happened, down to the speed, positioning and movement of the PCO car.

It’s a great layer of protection should a PCO driver be accused of any wrongdoing and can provide visual as well as statistical evidence. This has proven to be the biggest benefit to having telematic and CCTV in a PCO car.

Passenger Complaints

The vast majority of riders are fantastic, but should one wrongly accuse a PCO driver of an offense, CCTV can be a great way of shedding light on what really happened. Over the years we’ve used footage to protect PCO drivers against false accusations and bring out the truth.

This has also helped with improving driver’s ratings, as false low ratings given by riders can be taken down by the operators, improving the overall score of drivers and giving a more fair and deserving overall rating score.

Disputing Penalty Charge Notices

With regards to penalty charge notices, our telematics can track the location of the PCO car when it comes to a dispute with a local council or private parking company. There’s been occasions when a PCO driver has had to temporarily move into a bus lane to avoid an ambulance or police car, and this evidence (CCTV and telematic) can assist with defending a case.

Our Driver Development Program

Our sophisticated telematic system allows our experienced DVSA driving instructors to help our family of PCO drivers improve their driving standards and save money on their running costs. We can track and analyse driving style, flag any consistent areas of improvement (e.g. heavy acceleration and harsh braking and the affects it has on economy and wear & tear) and help them improve their performance, ultimately keeping them safe but also saving them money through more efficient driving styles.

Our program has expanded and helped hundreds of PCO drivers over the last 6 months, with regular catch ups to monitor progress. You can watch a video from Uber Driver Marcio about this experience of the program.

Food Delivery and Courier Services

With more and more PCO drivers temporarily switching to food delivery and courier delivery services to supplement their income, CCTV can be a valuable friend in proving that the package was correctly transported to its destination, especially when it comes to bigger packages used with the likes of Amazon Flex and Hermes.

Acts as a Deterrent

As well as being a reactionary tool to help drivers after an incident occurred, it can also stop it from happening in the first place. Having CCTV in a PCO car has proven to reduce anti-social behaviour from taking place as the rider would think twice before acting. As well as physically seeing the CCTV camera, the stickers in the car stating that CCTV is present can help trigger a positive response from riders.

So that’s our top 6 ways we protect our PCO drives through telematics and CCTV. If you’re looking to get yourself protected in a new electric or older hybrid PCO driver, why not check out our popular Rent 2 Buy and PCO Car Hire schemes?

Requesting CCTV from Otto Car

The team here at Otto Car are here to help when you need it most. If you need to request CCTV for an incident, accident or to provide evidence against a dispute (e.g. local council). Please can you email [email protected] with your full name and car registration.










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