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Covid-19 & Private Hire | The Story So Far

21st April 2020

The last few weeks have been an incredibly difficult time for everyone in the private hire industry. Demand from riders quickly fell, with reports of around 60-80%, so PCO car rental companies and operators had […]

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PCO Driver Tax Return Deadline Set | Act Now

8th April 2020

Government support for the self-employed is on it’s way but a strict deadline has been put in place. PCO drivers, along with all the self-employed, have until the 23rd April 2020 to submit their tax […]

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Covid-19 & Private Hire | Updates

21st March 2020

We’re committed to bringing the private hire community the latest news regarding Covid-19 and how this affects the private hire market. Please bookmark this page, as well be updating this as and when important news […]

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Covid-19 | Otto Car Statement

17th March 2020

We are sure that you are aware of Covid-19 and the effects that it is having on our society. Over the course of a couple of weeks it has changed our entire outlook, and made […]

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Coronavirus: Tips for Staying Healthy

5th March 2020

Coronavirus is clearly a worry for private hire drivers around the world, and some of you might be afraid considering you’re transporting different people around every day. That’s why we just wanted to put out […]

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Cleaning Up London: Progress for PCO Drivers

2nd March 2020

Last year might have felt strange for many PCO drivers across London. We were hit with the introduction of ULEZ and Congestion Charges, which required a lot of adapting to begin with. However, since then, […]

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